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​​With years of experience as a classroom teacher, building administrator, and CTO, I bring unique perspectives and insight to my writing.

Staying abreast of the K12 and higher education technology space and developing deep relationships with industry, district, and higher ed leaders, my work reflects the challenges and successes we face to ensure our students have the best educational experience.

Writing for national publications, software companies, and non-profit organizations, my work focuses on edtech topics that span from literacy to student safety.

Whether white papers, eBooks, op-eds, or website content, I work with clients to produce quality, highly-read content that supports the organization’s goals and mission. 

  • Sneak Peek at 3 New Product Launches at ISTE 2018

    Sneak Peek at 3 New Product Launches at ISTE 2018

    I had the opportunity to get a sneak peek look at some ISTE 2018 vendor launches before the ropes were dropped at the expo. STEAM “The price of paper is cheap, but the impact on education is priceless.” –Shai Goitein,…MoreSneak Peek at 3 New Product Launches at ISTE 2018 Read more

  • The Road to the Pin

    Earning My CETL Some moments happen in the lives that cause us to pause and say, “ I am pretty darn proud of myself!”  One of those moments was when I received my CoSN Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL) lapel…MoreThe Road to the Pin Read more

  • My 8 Favorite Things About CoSN 2018

    My 8 Favorite Things About CoSN 2018

    If you are a tech director and were looking for a place where everyone knows your name, CoSN18 in Washington, DC, was that place. It was a gathering of more than 1,000 chief technology officers (CTOs), and the theme was…MoreMy 8 Favorite Things About CoSN 2018 Read more

  • What’s Happening at FETC 2018?

    What’s Happening at FETC 2018?

    Originally Published:eSchoolNews Even if you didn’t need a reason to travel to sunny Orlando in January, the opportunity to attend FETC should have you packing your comfy walking shoes and an extra suitcase for all the swag. This is my…MoreWhat’s Happening at FETC 2018? Read more

K-12 Cybersecurity in 2023: Ransomware, AI, and Increased Threats

Originally Published: Tech Learning Well into 2023, it is disheartening to know that K-12 institutions continue to be one of the primary targets of cybersecurity attacks. Cyberattacks such as DDoS, phishing, data breaches, password attacks, man-in-middle attack, and malware on school districts have resulted in monetary losses, the need for additional recovery resources, and loss…

Keeping Bad Actors Out of K–12’s IP Surveillance System

Originally Published:EdTech Magazine K–12 districts are investing a larger portion of their budgets in new security technologies to create safer environments for their school communities. A 2020 study conducted by Omdia on behalf of the Security Industry Association showed the market for physical security equipment in K–12 and higher education was $716 million in 2020. The K–12…

Virtual Learning: 3 Strategies for Student Success

Originally Published: Tech&Learning The pandemic turned the brick-and-mortar model of teaching and learning on its head. Before March 2020, credit recovery, remediation, and advanced coursework were the main reasons for virtual learning in K-12. However, when schools shifted to emergency remote learning, students and educators experienced teaching and learning in which video conferencing, online assessments,…

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