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Here’s Why You Should Attend FETC 2020

Celebrating any anniversary is exciting, but this year, educators, administrators, and support staff can all celebrate the 40th anniversary of FETC- Future of Education Technology Conference in Miami, FL.

For those of you who have attended this conference in previous years, the Miami Beach Convention Center is a new venue jam-packed with “game-changing” keynotes, workshops, concurrent sessions, learning labs, and so much more.

FETC will not disappoint with its focus on innovation, creativity, collaboration, and personalized learning strategies for our students.

For anyone who has attended any large edtech conference, maximizing the conference experience can be overwhelming. FETC listened to its attendees and created session and workshop tracks based on the always-evolving edtech roles in schools and districts. Much like a breakfast buffet at one of the many hotels on Miami Beach, attendees at FETC 2020 pick and choose sessions and tracks that appeal to classroom and district interests, issues, and concerns.

The Future of Ed Tech Educator and the Future of Ed Tech Administrator tracks showcase best practices around innovation in the classroom and the work done in districts that support educators and students.

Attending sessions and workshops listed under the Ed Tech Educator track, attendees will learn from featured presenters such as Rachell Dene Poth, Ken Shelton, and Eric Curts. A plethora of topics in this track includes emerging technology trends, taking Google to the next level, AI in classrooms, STEAM/STEM projects and strategies, and tools to support struggling readers and English Language Learners.

Following the Ed Tech Administrator track, school and district administrators will learn from featured speakers such as Dr. Matthew Joseph, Dr. Michell Zimmerman, and Marlena Gross-Taylor about hacking leadership and edtech tools administrators, cybersecurity, and digital equity for all our students.

CIOs, technology directors, and other technology professionals will find sessions and workshops under the Future of Ed Tech Information Technology tracks tailored to the unique and daunting responsibilities that go along with creating dynamic learning environments for students and teachers. Featured presenters, including Marlo Gaddis, Dr. Sheryl Abshire, and Lorrie Owens, will demonstrate how transformational leadership addresses digital equity, data privacy, and funding. Educating the whole child includes the academic side and the social-emotional well-being of our students, including students with physical, emotional, and learning disabilities.

The Future of EdTech Inclusion and Special Education track supports the work being done in classrooms every day by special education professionals and support staff. Attendees will learn from experts in special education with featured presenters such as Carol Allen, Kindy Segovia, Nikosi Darnel, and Patrick Turnage. Offering over 35 sessions, presenters will focus on strategies for struggling readers, accessibility, and inclusiveness in classrooms and coding and gaming technologies to engage students with learning disabilities.

Two new tracks, Future of Ed Tech Library Media Specialist and Future of Ed Tech Coaches, spotlight the roles of irreplaceable ed-tech professionals in school districts.

Ed Tech Library Media Specialists will hear from featured presenters such as Shannon Miller, Jaime Donnally, and Dr, Adam Phyall and many other experts in the field. Energizing AI, SEL, social media, and maker spaces will support collaboration, creativity, engagement, and personalization in library media spaces across the country.

The boots on the ground edtech coaches will benefit from the Future of Ed Tech Coaches track with presentations from experienced professionals, including Casey Bell, Matt Miller, and Brianna Hodges. Essential topics for edtech coaches such as differentiation in classrooms, strategies, and resources for supporting struggling learners and skills and technologies to help all students focus on workshops and sessions in this track.

So, head to Florida on January 14 – 17, 2020, bask in the southeast coast sunshine, hit the expo floor, and overload your buffet plate with enticing, interesting, and thought-provoking FETC 2020 sessions and workshops.

Source: eSchoolNews

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